We are in the magical island of Chiloe, and so is the Lonely Planet! We met a guy in our hostel who claims to be a Lonely Planet researcher and be working on the next edition of their guide. He had a business card and everything and sounded very convincing! It was like meeting someone famous, as we´ve been following their guide, although he said we shouldn´t because it´s quite old now and out of date. Uups!

Not strange that this encounter has happened in Chiloe, land of legends, superstitions and myths. The Chiloean culture is very different from the rest of Chile, it´s a mix of old indigenous tales and catholic beliefs and you can understand why when the weather changes frequently creating dramatic and mystical landscapes. On our way to the capital, Castro, we were blocked by a bush fire, then after a sunny couple of hours the heavens opened and flooded the streets and myst rolled in over the mountains, all in the space of half a day!

In Chiloe, we´ve seen palafitos (houses on stilts perched above the water), desserted beaches, penguins (two species!!!!), a spectacular salmon coloured church built entirely out of wood and hundreds of different flora species in the National Park, where we spent a day hiking. We feel we haven´t even starter scratching the surface, and so are alredy thinking aout coming back and spending some more time getting to know and understanding this very special region.



Cute penguins!

Flower in the Parque Nacional de Chiloe

Blanca and Jon on a cannon

Sunset over Ancud

Estamos en la isla magica de Chiloe! Aqui, aparte de muchas otras cosas, hemos encontrado al autor de la proxima edicion de nuestra guia de viajes! Que emocionante, como seguimos la guia de pe a pa, es como conocer a un famoso! 🙂

No es raro que extraños encuentros se produzcan en la Isla de Chiloe, una zona de Chile con una fuerte cultura llena de criaturas mitologicas, leyendas y cuentos antiguos, todo ello mezclado con creencias cristianas. El tiempo parece tambien un asunto de leyenda, de ambiente caluroso y soleado a fuertes lluvias torrenciales, que despues dejan una fina capa de niebla y misterio sobre la isla. Magico!

En Chiloe hemos visto palafitos (casa construidas sobre el agua), pinguinos de dos especies diferentes, playas desiertas, una iglesia de color salmon hecha totalmente de madera y cientos de especies diferentes de flora y fauna en el Parque Nacional, donde pasamos un dia de excursion. Creemos que solo hemos llegado a ver lo mas superficial de todo lo que esta isla tiene que ofrecer y ya estamos pensando en volver por un periodo de tiempo mas largo para conocer mejor esta interesante cultura.