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A year later…

What we will miss and never forget:
The people: from Cameron and Alejandro (our first friends on the road, in Valparaiso) to Keri and Huw (who we met watching Friends  on TV in Copacabana and shared the Uyuni salt flats tour with), we’ll miss all the amazing people we met on the road! From Sol, our guide to Machu Picchu, and our friends at Grupo Game in Quito, to Blanquita, who worked at the hostel who stayed in Otavalo, we’ll miss all the locals who welcomed us.
Going to a new exciting place every three days.
The freedom: so we could decide to go to Bolivia (Because it’s so close…) or to Colombia (with the excuse of having to renew our visas and be able to stay in Ecuador)
The kids in the Mayoristas abd Cisnes markets in Quito and in the schools of Pijal Alto, Camoendo and Desaguadero in Otavalo
The people who we have worked with. Ellie, Sara, Claire, Holy, Emily, Domink, Philip, Betty and all the other at CENIT. Celia, Selana, Fabianna, Katy, and Monika from Cielo Azul.

What we won’t miss
Long bus journeys. It doesn’t matter how close things look in the map, or what the official distance is, the journey will always be at least 7 hours if you are in Ecuador!
Having to pack and unpack our bags every three days.
Being called gringos (it doesn’t matter where you are from, if you’re not from here, you’re a gringo!)
People who think gringos equal walking dollars, and therefore try to cheat us! We’re ashamed to say that after a while we got so tired of it, that were fighting every dollar, and we’ll literally try to pay less than 2 dollars for a taxi ride around Quito… we now pay at least 15 dollars to get home from the centre of Oxford. Ah, the irony!

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